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RESTful Teamwork – Tips for Agile iPhone Development

[Concrete/Interesting] I’ve been working with a small team on an iPhone project. I bet half of you out there are doing something similar. One member of the team is struggling with Objective-C – I need to understand the costs and benefits of native development on the iPhone. The rest of us are working on a WebKit browser app for the iPhone . Naturally, I decided we must use REST to provide a good balance of speed and functionality on the device. I’m using the jQTouch framework (based around jQuery 1.3.2 )with a bit of AJAX on the device framework and the server is developed in C#. The REST service is implemented under WCF, so building server side is a dream (see REST in Windows Communication Foundation ). Team working is a breeze – we have a basic data model and use this for reference. However, under my direction we are building up the solution screen by screen, focusing on the end user application and looking server side when we need data or processor. The team works very well be