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Mac on a PC, are you mad?

[Concrete/ Quite Interesting]   Well probably, but that’s not important now. I came home from a short trip to Malaysia to find my Windows 7 desktop had crashed. We have a lot of laptops at home but the desktop is the family machine. It’s connected to my Samsung 6000 LED TV and we use it for music, pictures and 1080p movies. After a day trying to recover a crashed registry, I finally decided it would be simpler to reinstall Windows. The data on this machine is important and lives mostly on a 1TB USB drive, so re-install is not a problem. Then I had a mad idea – why Windows, why not Mac OSX? Mac OS -  Why, because I can As always, I’m very busy. I’ve got a couple of development projects running, some updates to write, articles, work and with the family away, a golden opportunity to clean the house from top to bottom. But I want to – why, because I can. Not just because I can, but also because I like Mac OSX. I’m 90% Microsoft and very comfortable with their operating systems. I’