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Extract from “Echoes of a Dying Man”

[Abstract/A bit interesting]   - The book is about a man who dreams of his death and super beings who control his life. Steeped in his own paranoia, often he misses what is really going on around him, until one day, it is gone. I remember Dad saying, “never drink alone” – stupid old bastard. How did he know, maybe he’s one of them? No, not nearly smart enough. Of course, what he really meant was, he drank alone and he was a drunk. If you drink alone, you’re a drunk. He was right. Rob got off the tube at Kings Cross, but instead of running to catch the crowd on platform 8, he walked out of the station and found himself at a local watering hole, the Kings Arms just off York Way. He had never been there before. This was Rob’s new game. The usual pattern was to stop for a couple of pints on the main platform. Well usual, up until today. Today, Rob had turned over a new leaf. Nothing so grand as actually giving up the drink, but if he was going to drink, he would certainly make the effort