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Carving Rings

[Abstract/ Sharing]   To close off 2010, I’m posting an article on how to carve a pair of linked rings from a single block of wood. It’s very simple so if you have a chance, why not have a go yourself.     This post is dedicated to the memory of Julian Guy Tulloch , who died peacefully on the 12th December 2010, aged 78. Julian first introduced me to carving. We start with a small block of wood, 5cm by 5cm by 10cm. The exact dimensions are not too important, you just want a block of wood that is rectangular in nature with a square end: I’m using Tilia or Basswood which is good for carving – not too dense and very little grain. You can find this type of wood at craft shops, often described as ‘Carving Blocks’. Extruded Cross The first step is to mark out an extruded cross using a pencil: I made the cross 1cm wide. The cross is drawn on the two square ends of the block of wood and joined up over the length of the block. Note, the extruded cross is the shaded area