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Chubby RESTful Clients using Silverlight and WCF

  [Concrete/Interesting] Many years ago I was working on a project. We needed a application that worked in a browser but everything came from the local machine. Later I started to notice devices like Routers that had a web interface…just connect using HTTP to the device IP address and there you are. I used a similar technique in my Ghostfiles Service application ( ). Chubby Client Architecture Ghostfiles is a Windows Service Application that runs as a lightweight HTTP server on a private HTTP port. If you point your browser at it, the service returns back application pages. It’s just like having Apache or IIS running, only lightweight with only the pages of the application supported. This is what I called a Chubby Client, a thin client interface delivered to a browser by a local web and application server. The basic architecture used in Ghostfiles is shown here:   Page requests (GET/PUT) from the browser are handled by the light HT